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Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School partners with a number of industry associations and professional bodies to either create and deliver tailored executive education and professional development for their members, or co-create and ‘credentialise’ their courses so that they result in recognised qualifications for learners.

There are different options for collaborating with UC Business School;

  1. Non-qualification based professional development programmes can be built from a menu of short courses to meet the needs of the members of the association or industry body.
  2. Partnerships with professional bodies where UC Business School provides recognised qualification status to their own courses; for example UC Business School partners with the New Zealand Marketing Association (MA) to certify their Professional Certified Marketer programme to provide official recognition by way of micro-credentials.

If your professional membership organisation or industry association is committed to the ongoing learning and development of your members, contact us to discuss how we can create a programme designed specifically for you, or how we can work with you to turn your own courses into recognised qualifications.

More information about the three Marketing Association qualifications is available through the links below.

Foundation Marketing Skills

Digital Marketer

Strategic Marketer

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Liz Foxwell-Canning

Director, Executive Education and Industry Programmes
Internal Phone: 91412