Tom Coupe

ProfessorTom Coupe

Meremere 426A


Research Interests

My research covers a wide range of topics (recent topics include replications, job insecurity, the Eurovision Song Contest, trade policy preferences, football, terrorism, war and happiness). In my papers I typically analyze interesting datasets using econometric methods.

Recent Publications

  • Gunby N. and Coupé T. (2023) Weather-Related Home Damage and Subjective Well-Being. Environmental and Resource Economics 84(2): 409-438.
  • Coupe T. and Reed B. (2022) Do Negative Replications Affect Citations? .
  • Coupe T., Reed B. and Zimmerman C. (2022) ‘Paving the Road for Replications: Experimental Results from an Online Research Repository’.. .
  • Song Z. and Coupé T. (2022) Predicting Chinese consumption series with Baidu. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies
  • Besuyen A., Coupé T. and Das KK. (2021) Effectiveness of foreign exchange interventions: evidence from New Zealand. New Zealand Economic Papers 55(3): 289-309.