Steve Agnew

Senior LecturerSteve Agnew

Meremere 425
Internal Phone: 94019


Research Interests

My main research interest is economics and financial literacy education. Specifically, the effect of social economic standing on the provision of economics and financial lieracy education, as well as the understanding of economics and financial literacy education.

Recent Publications

  • Agnew S. (2018) Empirical measurement of the financial socialisation of children by parents. Young Consumers 19(4): 421-431.
  • Agnew S., Maras P. and Moon A. (2018) Gender differences in financial socialization in the home—An exploratory study. International Journal of Consumer Studies 42(3): 275-282.
  • Agnew S. and Harrison N. (2017) The Role of Gender, Cognitive Attributes and Personality on Willingness to Take Risks. Business and Economic Research 7(1): 16.
  • Agnew S., Cameron-Agnew T., Lau A. and Walker S. (2016) What Business School Characteristics are Correlated with More Favourable National Student Survey (NSS) Rankings? The International Journal of Management Education 14(3): 219-227.
  • Harrison N. and Agnew S. (2016) Individual and social influences on students' attitudes to debt: A cross-national path analysis using data from England and New Zealand. Higher Education Quarterly 70(4): 332-353.