Stephen Wingreen staff profile

Associate ProfessorStephen Wingreen

Meremere 404
Internal Phone: 93975


Research Interests

Dr. Wingreen pursues scholarly interests in the fields of emerging technologies, technology and culture, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, information privacy and ethics, information system resilience, information technology professionals, applications of Q-methodology and Concourse Theory in the decision sciences, and occasional topics on electronic commerce trust, and enterprise systems. His research has appeared in Information Systems Journal, Human Resource Management, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Electronic Commerce Research, and Electronic Markets, to name a few.

Recent Publications

  • Zahid A., Poulsen JK., Sharma R. and Wingreen SC. (2021) A systematic review of emerging information technologies for sustainable data-centric health-care. International Journal of Medical Informatics 149
  • Morrison R., Mazey NCHL. and Wingreen SC. (2020) The DAO controversy: The case for a new species of corporate governance? Frontiers in Blockchain 3(25)
  • Wingreen SC., Kavanagh D., John Ennis P. and Miscione G. (2020) Sources of Cryptocurrency Value Systems: The Case of Bitcoin. International Journal of Electronic Commerce 24(4): 474-496.
  • Sharma R., Zhang C., Wingreen SC., Kshetri N. and Zahid A. (2019) Design of blockchain-based precision health-care using Soft Systems Methodology. Industrial Management + Data Systems
  • Wingreen SC., Mazey NCHL., Baglione, Stephen L. and Storholm GR. (2019) Transfer of electronic commerce trust between physical and virtual environments: Experimental effects of structural assurance and situational normality. Electronic Commerce Research 19(2): 339-371.