Stephen Hickson

Director Business Taught MastersStephen Hickson

Rehua 612


Research Interests

My research interests centre around teaching and assessment in economics. Do different types of assessments measure different things? Do different types of students perform better or worse in different types of assessments? I am also interested in what we actually achieve in principles of economics classes. Are we creating economically literate people or just people who can pass the exam?

Recent Publications

  • Woodfield A., Menclova A. and Hickson S. (2014) Analysing Sentencing Starting Points for HSE Offences. Employment Law Bulletin (1): 1-7.
  • Hickson S. and Agnew S. (2013) Assigning grades during an earthquake - shaken or stirred? New Zealand Economic Papers 47(3): 288-303.
  • Woodfield A., Hickson S. and Menclova A. (2013) HSE sentencing: changing guidelines. New Zealand Law Journal Aug 2013(7): 267-272.
  • Woodfield A., Hickson S. and Menclova A. (2013) Predicting HSE fines. New Zealand Law Journal Sep 2013(8): 312-316.
  • Agnew SR. and Hickson SM. (2012) Using online assessment to replace invigilated assessment in times of a natural disaster: Are some online assessment conditions better than others? Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning 16(1): 13.