Richard Aquino

LecturerRichard Aquino

Internal Phone: 90487


Research Interests

My research interests include tourism for sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, community development, tourism impact assessment, tourist behaviour, and tourism in geological environments.

Recent Publications

  • Aquino R. (2021) Social Entrepreneurship. In Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
  • Aquino R. (2021) Performing and negotiating Filipino masculinities in the field. In Porter B; Schanzel H; Cheer J (Ed.), Masculinities in the field: Tourism and transdisciplinary research: 71-84. Bristol, UK: Channel View Publications.
  • Aquino R. (2020) Book Review: Dolezal, C., Trupp, A., & Bui, H. T. (Eds.). (2020). Tourism and development in Southeast Asia.. ASEAS - Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies 13: 161-164. Gesellschaft für Südostasienwissenschaften/Society for South-East Asian Studies, Vienna.
  • Aquino R. (2019) [Review of book Transforming travel: Realising the potential of sustainable tourism, by J. Smith]. Journal of Ecotourism 18: 193-195. Taylor & Francis (Routledge).
  • Aquino RS. (2019) Towards decolonising tourism and hospitality research in the Philippines. Tourism Management Perspectives 31: 72-84.