Philip Gunby

Senior LecturerPhilip Gunby

Meremere 427B
Internal Phone: 93823


Research Interests

Research interests include the economics of education, applied economics.

Recent Publications

  • Gunby P. and Cheung L. (2022) Crime and Mobility during the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Preliminary Empirical Exploration. New Zealand Economic Papers 56(1): 106-113.
  • Gunby P. and Watt R. (2021) A new approximation for the risk premium with large risks. Journal of Risk Finance 22(3/4): 279-295.
  • Watt R. and Gunby P. (2020) Time is money: An economic analysis of the optimal pacing problem. Mathematical Social Sciences 108: 50-61.
  • Gunby P., Jin Y. and Robert Reed W. (2017) Did FDI Really Cause Chinese Economic Growth? A Meta-Analysis. World Development 90: 242-255.
  • Healy N. and Gunby P. (2012) The impact of recent government tertiary education policies on access to higher education in New Zealand. Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice 27(1): 29-45.