Peter Cammock

Peter Cammock


Research Interests

Research intersts include group facilitation, leadership training, management coaching and organisational change.

Recent Publications

  • Ottenhaus L-M., Li M., Nokes R., Cammock P. and McInnes B. (2019) Use of particle tracking velocimetry in timber material and connection testing. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 77(2): 195-209.
  • Smolović Jones O., Grint K. and Cammock P. (2015) Public leadership development facilitation and the crossroads blues. Management Learning 46(4): 391-411.
  • Malinen S., Wright S. and Cammock P. (2013) What drives organisational engagement? A case study on trust, justice perceptions and withdrawal attitudes. Evidence-based HRM 1(1): 96-108.
  • Perry L., O'Steen B. and Cammock P. (2013) Ma te Mahi e Ako Ai (Learning by Doing in New Zealand Higher Education): The influence of service-learning on student engagement. In Cohan A; Honigsfield A (Ed.), Breaking the Mold of Education: Innovative and Successful Practices for Student Engagement, Empowerment, and Motivation: 161-170. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Education.
  • Cammock P. (2012) Vocational calling and the search for a new approach to business leadership. In Buckingham J; Nilakant V (Ed.), Managing Responsibility: Alternative Approaches to Corporate Management and Governance: 165-190. Farnham: Gower.