Pavel Castka

Associate Dean (Research)Pavel Castka


Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include quality management and corporate social responsibility, with focus on management frameworks and aspects of standardisation.

Recent Publications

  • Castka P. and Searcy C. (2023) Audits and COVID-19: A paradigm shift in the making. Business Horizons 66(1): 5-11.
  • Mirtsch M., Koch C., Ashari PA., Blind K. and Castka P. (2023) Quality assurance in supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic: empirical evidence on organisational resilience of conformity assessment bodies. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence 34(5-6): 615-636.
  • Reid J. and Castka P. (2023) The impact of remote sensing on monitoring and reporting - The case of conformance systems. Journal of Cleaner Production 393
  • Asif M., Searcy C. and Castka P. (2022) Exploring the role of industry 4.0 in enhancing supplier audit authenticity, efficacy, and cost effectiveness. Journal of Cleaner Production 331
  • Castka P., Zhao X., Bremer P., Wood LC. and Mirosa M. (2022) Supplier audits during COVID-19: a process perspective on their transformation and implications for the future. International Journal of Logistics Management 33(4): 1294-1314.