Paul Knott

Senior Lecturer Above the BarPaul Knott

Meremere 227
Internal Phone: 93709


Research Interests

Dr Paul Knott undertakes research, research supervision and publication in strategic management, strategy-as-practice, and innovation management. A central theme of his research is how strategy actors individually and collectively harness concepts, tools and materials as they undertake day-to-day practices aimed at consequential outcomes for their firms or organisations. This activity takes place across different levels and roles, and lends itself to a variety of primarily qualitative research methods. Recent focus areas within this theme have included individual strategists’ navigation of nascent opportunities, strategy development processes across multi-unit firms, and collaboration in networks of small firms. This has entailed study of a number of different business and cultural contexts, including small high-technology ventures in Aotearoa New Zealand and the informal sector in sub-Saharan Africa. An area for future development is to explore the strategic management implications of new contexts that may arise progressively through climate change.

Recent Publications

  • Darbi WPK. and Knott P. (2022) Coopetition strategy as naturalised practice in a cluster of informal businesses. International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship
  • Knott P. and Thnarudee C. (2022) Strategic planning as inter-unit coordination: An in depth case study in Thailand. Asia Pacific Journal of Management 39(1): 201-224.
  • Walsh C., Collins J. and Knott P. (2022) The four types of intuition managers need to know. Business Horizons 65(5): 697-708.
  • Walsh C., Knott P. and Collins J. (2022) Playing Chess or Painting Pictures? Unpacking Entrepreneurial Intuition. Journal of Small Business Strategy 32(2): 115-127.
  • Darbi WPK. and Knott P. (2021) The positive development role of informal economic activity: The case of informal printing firms in Ghana. Business Strategy and Development 4(4): 449-464.