Nelly Todorova

Senior Lecturer Above the BarNelly Todorova

Meremere 408
Internal Phone: 93775


Research Interests

All my research interests relate to how information systems and technology make a difference to business and society. Specific current areas include IT value creation, organisational processes and technologies to support collaborative work, internet technologies.

Recent Publications

  • Adu EK., Mills A. and Todorova N. (2021) Drivers of Personal Health Information Privacy Concerns among Individuals in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study. Information Technology for Development 27(2): 208-234.
  • Todorova N. and Mills AM. (2018) Why do people share? A study of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to share knowledge in organisations. International Journal of Knowledge Management 14(3): 1-20.
  • Welschen J., Todorova N. and Mills AM. (2012) An Investigation of the Impact of Intrinsic Motivation on Organizational Knowledge Sharing. International Journal of Knowledge Management 8(2): 23-42.
  • Todorova N. and Bjorn-Andersen N. (2011) University Learning In Times of Crisis: The Role of IT. Accounting Education 20(6): 597-599.
  • Todorova N. and Mills A. (2011) Using Online Learning Systems to Improve Student Performance: Leveraging Prior Knowledge. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education 7(2): 21-34.