Neil Crombie

LecturerNeil Crombie

Meremere 511
Internal Phone: 93769


Research Interests

My current research is divided into three areas:

1. Corporate Governance and Executive Remuneration
I am currently preparing manuscripts on board decision-making processes, executive remuneration policies and practices, disclosure of remuneration, and corporate governance codes of best practice. These papers draw on data from New Zealand, Australia, United States of America and United Kingdom.

2. Management Accounting
I am currently preparing a manuscript on management accounting. It presents evidence from a survey of NZ Chief Financial Officers, concerning the relevance of management accounting theories to practice. This research finds that practitioners (CFOs) believe that management accounting theories should be taught and researched in universities and that these theories are practical relevant.

3. Accounting Education
I am currently preparing manuscripts on the effectiveness of various innovative teaching methods (e.g. the use of business simulation games and student-centred learning). The research aims to understand which teaching methods produce the best learning outcomes for accounting students.

Recent Publications

  • Adler R., Roberts H., Crombie N. and Dixon K. (2021) Determinants of accounting students’ undergraduate learning satisfaction. Accounting and Finance 61(4): 5231-5254.
  • Crombie NA. (2015) Executive remuneration principles, practices and processes: an institutional logics perspective. International Journal of Corporate Governance 6(2/3/4): 98-140.
  • Crombie NA. and Shanahan YS. (2006) Strategic Management Control in Farmlands Trading Society. International Review of Business Research Papers 2(1): 115-136.
  • Robb AJ. and Crombie NA. (2006) Defeating a demutualisation: a case study. Journal of Co-operative Studies 39:3(118): 5-9.
  • Adler R., Crombie N., Dixon K. and Roberts H. (2016) Lecturing and Learning in Accounting: Interpreting Intricacy. Melbourne, Australia: Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference (APIRA 2016), 13-15 Jul 2016.