Laura Meriluoto

Associate ProfessorLaura Meriluoto

Meremere 427A
Internal Phone: 93792

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research interests include industrial organisation and network economics. I am currently doing research on the solutions to spam, existence advertising, email pricing and on-line auction design.

Recent Publications

  • Morrish SC., Wolf H. and Meriluoto L. (2022) Internationalization and the wine industry: an entrepreneurial marketing approach. Journal of Wine Research
  • Das KK., Meriluoto L. and Rice A. (2020) Export tax and import-tariff avoidance: evidence from the trade data discrepancy in the China-New Zealand trade. New Zealand Economic Papers 54(2): 161-189.
  • Duan J., Das KK., Meriluoto L. and Reed WR. (2020) Estimating the effect of spillovers on exports: a meta-analysis. Review of World Economics 156(2): 219-249.
  • Duan J., Qian X., Das KK., Meriluoto L. and Reed WR. (2020) A replication of “the role of intermediaries in facilitating trade” (Journal of International Economics, 2011). Economics 14: 1-30.
  • Oliver A., Masselot A., Meriluoto L. and Morrish S. (2018) In the nude: Factors determining the employment status of sex workers. Canterbury Law Review 24: 91-106.