Joerg Finsterwalder

Associate ProfessorJörg Finsterwalder

Associate Head of Department Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Meremere 232
Internal Phone: 93802

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Interests in service research include: co-creation of services, customer-to-customer interaction, group services and consumer tribes, value networks and service ecosystems, service consumer behaviour, customer experience, disasters and services. Industry specific interests are in the creative, airline and automotive industries.

Recent Publications

  • Boenigk S., Fisk R., Kabadayi S., Alkire L., Cheung L., Corus C., Finsterwalder J., Kreimer A., Luca N. and Omeira M. (2021) Rethinking Service Systems and Public Policy: A Transformative Refugee Service Experience Framework. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 40(2): 165-183.
  • Chen T., Dodds S., Finsterwalder J., Witell L., Cheung L., Falter M., Garry T., Snyder H. and McColl-Kennedy JR. (2021) Dynamics of Wellbeing Co-Creation: A Psychological Ownership Perspective. Journal of Service Management 32(3): 383-406.
  • Finsterwalder J. (2021) Social Distancing and Wellbeing: Conceptualizing Actor Distance and Actor Safe Zone in a Pandemic Context. Service Industries Journal 41(1-2): 9-31.
  • Finsterwalder J., Kabadayi S., Fisk RP. and Boenigk S. (2021) Creating hospitable service systems for refugees during a pandemic: leveraging resources for service inclusion. Journal of Service Theory and Practice 31(2): 247-263.
  • Taheri B., Pourfakhimi S., Prayag G., Gannon MJ. and Finsterwalder J. (2021) Towards co-created food wellbeing: Culinary consumption, braggart word-of-mouth, and the role of participative co-design, service provider support, and C2C interactions. European Journal of Marketing