Glenn Boyle

Adjunct ProfessorGlenn Boyle

Not available for supervision of PhD or Master students
Meremere 428


Research Interests

Financial economics, including, but not limited to, asset pricing and valuation, financial incentives, banking, corporate finance and corporate governance.

Recent Publications

  • Boyle G., Stover R., Tiwana A. and Zhylyevskyy O. (2022) Depositor responses to a banking crisis: Are finance professionals special? Journal of Empirical Finance 67: 182-195.
  • Boyle G., Hong S. and Foley M. (2020) The impact of the 2012 NZX listing rule change on board composition and company performance. Pacific Accounting Review 32(4): 543-562.
  • Boyle G. and Ward G. (2018) DO BETTER INFORMED INVESTORS ALWAYS DO BETTER? A BUYBACK PUZZLE. Economic Inquiry 56(4): 2137-2157.
  • Beaumont S., Ratiu R., Reeb D., Boyle G., Brown P., Szimayer A., da Silva Rosa R., Hillier D., McColgan P. and Tsekeris A. (2016) Comments on Shan and Walter: ‘Towards a Set of Design Principles for Executive Compensation Contracts’. Abacus 52(4): 685-771.
  • Boyle G. (2016) Setting CEO Pay without Controversy: Mission Impossible? Abacus 52(4): 694-699.