Claire Bi

Senior LecturerClaire Q. Bi

Merermere - Room 336
Cultivating future entrepreneurs and innovators


Research Interests

Dr. Claire Q. Bi’s current research interest focuses on the interactions between digital technologies and organizational behaviors in the contexts of start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The projects she is currently working on broadly address the following research questions:

1) How do digital technologies influence the formation of new organizations (e.g., digital entrepreneurship)?
2) How do traditional organizations (e.g., SMEs and family businesses) pursue innovation based on digital technologies?
3) How do different stakeholders (e.g., entrepreneurs, consumers, and partners) respond to organizations’ digital strategies (e.g., influencer marketing, AI marketing)?

Dr. Bi specialize in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and use a wide range of software and statistical tools to manage and analyze data, such as R, Mplus, R and Python and NVivo.

Recent Publications

  • Bi Q. and Collins J. (2021) Proactivity, mindsets and the development of students’ entrepreneurial self-efficacy: Behavioral skills as the catalyst. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Bi Q., Boh WF. and Christopolous G. (2021) Trust, fast and slow: A comparison study of the trust behaviors of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs non-entrepreneurs: Findings from the Trust Game. Journal of Business Venturing 36(6) 106160
  • Bi Q., Collins J. and Ranabahu N. (2021) Entrepreneurial Dispositions, Time Horizons, and Context: Subtleties That Shape Entrepreneurial Intentions. Small Enterprises Research
  • Bi Q. (2019) Cultivating loyal customers through online customer communities: A psychological contract perspective. Journal of Business Research 103: 34-44.
  • Fu S., Wang Y., Yang Y., Bi Q., Guo F. and Qu H. (2018) VisForum: A Visual Analysis System forExploring User Groups in Online Forums. ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems 8(1) 3: 21.