Chris Chen

Senior LecturerChris Chen

Meremere 228
Internal Phone: 93813


Research Interests

Dr Ning (Chris) Chen's primary areas of interest include identity and attachment theory in different context including place, branding, and sports, and the motivations and impact of word-of-mouth behaviours especially in social media. His research keywords include: place attachment, brand attachment, fandom, word-of-mouth(mouse), and personal connection.

Recent Publications

  • Šegota T., Chen N. and Golja T. (2021) The Impact of Self-Congruity and Evaluation of the Place on WOM: Perspectives of Tourism Destination Residents. Journal of Travel Research
  • Gössling S., McCabe S. and Chen N. (2020) A socio-psychological conceptualisation of overtourism. Annals of Tourism Research 84
  • Chen N., Hall CM., Yu K. and Qian C. (2019) Environmental satisfaction, residential satisfaction, and place attachment: The cases of long-term residents in rural and urban areas in China. Sustainability (Switzerland) 11(22)
  • Dwyer L., Chen N. and Lee J. (2019) The role of place attachment in tourism research. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 36(5): 645-652.
  • Jiang Y. and Chen N. (2019) Event attendance motives, host city evaluation, and behavioral intentions: An empirical study of Rio 2016. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 31(8): 3270-3286.