Chris Chen

Senior Lecturer Above the BarChris Chen

Meremere 228


Research Interests

Dr Ning (Chris) Chen's primary areas of interest include identity and attachment theory in different context including place, branding, and sports, and the motivations and impact of word-of-mouth behaviours especially in social media. His research keywords include: place attachment, brand attachment, fandom, word-of-mouth(mouse), and personal connection.

Recent Publications

  • Chen N., Chen X., Hall CM., Li B., Wang X. and Wang L. (2023) The Beijing Winter Olympics is different! Or is it?: integration and revalidation of residents’ mega-event perceptions and support models. International Journal of Tourism Cities
  • Huang Y., Hall CM. and Chen N. (2023) The sustainability characteristics of Michelin Green Star Restaurants. Journal of Foodservice Business Research
  • Huang Y., Hall CM. and Chen NC. (2023) The characteristics of Michelin-starred restaurants in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science 31
  • Li T., Wu B., Guo L., Shi H., Chen NC. and Hall CM. (2023) Semi-Acquaintance Society in Rural Community-Based Tourism: Case Study of Moon Village, China. Sustainability 15(6): 5000-5000.
  • Qian C., Yu K., Chen N., Shen W., Hou S. and Lei Y. (2023) When to adopt a new process management standard? An organizational learning perspective. International Journal of Production Economics 263