Chris Chen

Senior LecturerChris Chen

Meremere 228
Internal Phone: 93813


Research Interests

Dr Ning (Chris) Chen's primary areas of interest include identity and attachment theory in different context including place, branding, and sports, and the motivations and impact of word-of-mouth behaviours especially in social media. His research keywords include: place attachment, brand attachment, fandom, word-of-mouth(mouse), and personal connection.

Recent Publications

  • Huang Y., Finsterwalder J., Chen N. and Crawford F. (2022) Online Student Engagement and Place Attachment to Campus in the New Service Marketplace: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Services Marketing 36(4): 597-611.
  • Šegota T., Chen N. and Golja T. (2022) The Impact of Self-Congruity and Evaluation of the Place on WOM: Perspectives of Tourism Destination Residents. Journal of Travel Research 61(4): 800-817.
  • Shi H., Li T., Ma Z., Zhang H., Liu X. and Chen N. (2022) What influence do regional government officials’ have on tourism related growth?: evidence from China. Current Issues in Tourism 25(15): 2534-2546.
  • Su L., Yang Q., Swanson SR. and Chen NC. (2022) The impact of online reviews on destination trust and travel intention: The moderating role of online review trustworthiness. Journal of Vacation Marketing 28(4): 406-423.
  • Xu Y., Wu D. and Chen N. (2022) Here I belong!: Understanding immigrant descendants’ place attachment and its impact on their community citizenship behaviors in China. Journal of Environmental Psychology 79