Beverley Lord

Associate ProfessorBeverley Lord

Associate Head of Department Accounting and Information Systems
Meremere 507
Internal Phone: 93735


Research Interests

Research interests include new management accounting techniques; management accounting in charities, service organisations and small businesses; accounting history and accounting education.

Recent Publications

  • Blesia JU., Dixon K. and Lord BR. (2023) Indigenous experiences and perspectives on a mining corporation's community relations and development activities. Resources Policy 80
  • Wu JY., Feehily R. and Lord BR. (2022) The Corporate Governance Role of Audit Committees: Through the Lenses of New Zealand Institutional Investors. Australian Accounting Review 32(1): 63-76.
  • Amoako K., Lord B. and Dixon K. (2021) Narrative accounting for mining in Ghana: An old defence against a new threat? Resources Policy 72 102439: 17.
  • Blesia JU., Wild S., Dixon K. and Lord BR. (2021) Corporate community relations and development: engagement with indigenous peoples. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal 12(4): 811-845.
  • Lord B. (2019) Charities' Service Performance Reporting. Wellington, NZ: 13th New Zealand Management Accounting conference, 21-22 Nov 2019.