Alistair Hodson

Senior LecturerAlistair Hodson

Meremere 517


Research Interests

Research interests include tax administration, compliance, ethics and taxation history.

Recent Publications

  • Hodson A. (2022) FOREWORD. Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association 17(1): iii-vii.
  • Hodson A. (2022) State Misconduct: Fair Trial Rights and Losing the Right to Silence - The Parore Litigation. New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy 28(4): 333-343.
  • Hodson A. (2022) Tax Administration. New Zealand Taxation 2023: Principles, Cases and Questions: 977-1017. Wellington: Thomson Reuters.
  • Hodson A. (2021) Tax Administration. New Zealand Taxation 2022: Principles, Cases and Questions: 973-1013. Wellington: Thomson Reuters.
  • Maples A., Jone M. and Hodson A. (2021) Inland Revenue facilitated conferences: better than settling disputes with 'clubs and spears'? UNSW School of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (Sydney): 14th International ATAX Tax Administration Conference, 23-24 Nov 2021.