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In a fast changing global environment we recognise the need to develop resilient graduates with the skills and personal attributes required to drive innovation, sustainable growth, and positive social change across Christchurch, New Zealand and beyond.

Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School has extensive connections with industry and our partner businesses benefit from having access to talented graduates for recruitment, postgraduate student projects and internships, tailored programmes for individual companies and professional development courses for busy executives.

UC is a source of talent and our partnerships with forward-thinking organisations are essential to the development of budding entrepreneurs and future business and community innovators

  • Partner with us to create individual or group projects for our students.
  • Share your expertise as a guest speaker.
  • Volunteer as a mentor our students.

We provide opportunities to recruit the best students and recent graduates to your business.

  • Send your recruitment message directly to students through NZUni Talent.
  • Raise your profile at careers fairs, events, and employer information sessions.

UC’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to support busy professionals to enhance their careers.

  • Learn from leading business minds at our speaker series.
  • Talk to us about tailoring programmes to meet your professional development needs.

Draw on the expertise of our people and utilise our specialist and facilities to build your organisation’s capability.

  • Engage with UC academics in collaborative research partnerships.
  • Use academic consultancy services to help you get the answers you need to grow your organisation.

Projects and internship are a great way to participate in education, complete projects you wouldn’t normally have time for and get in-depth research or consultancy for your organisation. Students are available at many levels of study, in teams or as individuals. Students' areas of study include Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, Management and Marketing. Projects and internships culminate in the production of a report or case study that is made available to your organisation.

Engagement type Student's qualificationDurationStartStudents
Internship Project Bachelor of Commerce 12wks/100hrs Mar/Jul Teams
Group Project Bachelor of Commerce 12wks/20-60hrs Mar/Jul Teams
Internship Project UC Centre for Entrepreneurship Flexible Anytime Teams
Project Master of Financial Management 12wks/100hrs Oct(2018) Teams
Internship Project Master of Business Information Systems 10wks/150hrs Jul Individuals
Project Master of Business Information Systems 20wks/450hrs Jul  Individuals
Internship Project Master of Business Management 10wks/200hrs Oct Individuals
Internship Project Master of Professional Accounting 10wks/200hrs Feb/Oct Individuals
Project Master of Business Administration 20wks/600hrs Anytime Individuals
Research Project Master of Commerce 1yr/300-900hrs Mar Individuals
Research Project Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 3yrs Mar Individuals

Projects are consultancy based and require a clear scope discussed between sponsor and student. Projects are typically not based onsite. An internship involves a project that is typically based onsite with some level of supervision by the host organisation. The scope of both the internship and project must be defined in order students to meet their academic requirements.

We want to engage with organisations so that our students will better understand the world and can anticipate and adapt to new technologies and ways of thinking. Here are some ways that you can give back to our students and shape tomorrow's business and community leaders.

Engagement typeAudienceDurationStart People
Guest speaker Bachelor of Commerce students 1hr Anytime Classes of 30-40
Guest speaker UC Centre for Entrepreneurship students 2-5hrs Anytime Classes of 20-50
Guest speaker Executive Development Masterclasses 2hrs Anytime Classes of 10-30
Keynote Executive Development Events 2hrs Anytime 200+ alumni & guests
Mentor UC Centre for Entrepreneurship Students/Clubs 2-5hrs Anytime Individuals & teams

The Hihiko Webinar Series presented by Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School aims to support and enable organisations, schools, and communities through presentations featuring national and international experts, notable UC alumni, and Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School’s world-class researchers. Hihiko means to be inspired, lively and invigorated.

If you are interested in featuring in our webinar series, please contact Tim Winfield, Industry Engagement Manager.

For all enquiries please contact:

Tim Winfield

Industry Engagement Manager
Rehua 615