05 April 2018

University of Canterbury doctoral researcher Emily Laing has been selected as a ‘talent’ to take part in UNLEASH, a global program for innovation, hosted in Singapore.


28 March 2018

The University of Canterbury is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as school leavers from around New Zealand head to the Christchurch campus.

UCE Indian Students visit NZ

28 March 2018

We were incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Arun Shanbhag and a number of his students visit the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) earlier this week from Manipal Academy of Higher Education. At this private University in India, Dr. Shanbhag has the role of Chief of Innovation.

UCE 48-Hour Health Challenge 2018

26 March 2018

Imagine an artificial intelligence system guiding you through your stay in hospital and making sure you get the support you need when you get home. Or an app making suggestions that help you lead a healthier life by learning which ‘nudges’ work specifically for you. These are just some of the ideas that came out of the 48-Hour Health Challenge over the weekend.

UCE BSNS290 Workshop with Professor Jamie Collins

22 March 2018

Who says paper planes are just for wasting time and annoying others at primary school? On Tuesday 20th March UCE’s BSNS290: ‘Enterprise in Practice’ class had a very interesting workshop with Professor Jamie Collins.

UCE Business Case Comp 2018

19 March 2018

Last Wednesday saw the first UCE Deloitte Business Case Competition. It was incredibly exciting to see so much fresh talent and look forward to hosting our next Case Competition event.

Entre Napkin Challenge Banner 2018

19 March 2018

The 2018 Napkin Challenge involved 182 Entries, 3 campuses across Christchurch and a vast spectrum of innovative ideas.

UCE Lemonade Stand Challenge 2018 Winners

07 March 2018

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship ran a 10-day Business Challenge where students took $20 seed funding to kickstart their idea and generate a return. Proceeds were donated to Christchurch social enterprise, Kilmarnock Enterprises.


06 March 2018

A team of University of Canterbury students, rated among the best in the world in Formula Student motorsport, has signed a generous sponsorship deal with world-renowned Triumph Motorcycles Limited.

Nancy Niemi

02 March 2018

Reflecting on Higher Education, Gender, and Entrepreneurship in U.S. Universities.


02 March 2018

University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship student Oliver Hunt has won a $100,000 award from the Dream Believe Succeed Foundation.


01 March 2018

The University of Canterbury’s campus is buzzing with new students as 2018 enrolments increase across all five of its Colleges.


01 March 2018

On Tuesday, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship student Oliver Hunt, 23, received a $100,000 award from the Dream Believe Succeed Foundation.

Tim Fry

28 February 2018

Examining the role of pre-sale information, characteristics of the artist and auctions over time.

UCE Student Daniel Chan in Florida

19 February 2018

Read below to find out about Daniel Chan's experiences at the Heavener International Case Competition in Florida.

UCE Clubs Induction Day 2018

16 February 2018

Thursday 15 February saw all three of the UCE Club Executives gather for a day filled with workshops and sessions to prepare them for the year ahead.


12 February 2018

This year’s winning startup ventures created by keen young University of Canterbury student entrepreneurs have been chosen at the recent EY Summer Startup Annual Showcase.

UCE Summer Startup 2017/18 Students

09 February 2018

12 student entrepreneurs pitched to a panel of 5 external judges and an audience of over 200 last night at the UCE EY Summer Startup Annual Showcase.

UCE Chinese Student Workshop

05 February 2018

UCE supported more than 70 visiting Chinese students, hosting two one-day workshops, focusing on ideas to activate spaces in the Christchurch CBD.

UCE Summer Students + judges

02 February 2018

Announcing the top 12 students from the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme who will present at our final showcase on 8th February.

Graham Dockrill

01 February 2018

Pitching. This week’s focus has been pitching. All day, every day, pitching again and again. Tweaking, practising, memorising, taking 360 degree pivots, and pitching all over again.

Nic & Evie Taj Mahal

15 January 2018

"I realized the moment I stepped out of the airport that Delhi was going to be unlike any other city I’d spent time in!" Read more about Nic and Evie's experiences at the NZ-India Sustainability Challenge below.

Centre for Entrepreneurship visits EY

15 January 2018

After three weeks enjoying the sunshine, the Summer Startup Programme is back in full swing. Starting strong with Finance Week, students are beginning to identify their venture's costs, and were able to get out of the office spending a morning with Programme Sponsors EY.

Nic Steyn NZ India Sustainability Challenge

09 January 2018

The NZ-India Sustainability Challenge is an opportunity for students to identify and solve sustainability problems. Compliments to UC student, Nic Steyn, whose innovative team earnt first place!

Logan Williams

09 January 2018

We are proud to acknowledge Logan Williams, current student at the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship, one of 10 finalists for the 2018 Young New Zealander of the Year Award.

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