What it’s like to start a career just before lockdown.

14 July 2020

Get an insider’s perspective on getting your career off the ground during lockdown with newly hired MYOB Helpdesk Analyst and UC graduate Chanya Ussaneerungrueng.

  • Chanya

As it does every year, MYOB hired a number of University graduates at the beginning of 2020. But neither the business management software provider nor its new hires could have foreseen how quickly the working environment would change.

To find out how this new generation of employees have fared during this turbulent time, we recently interviewed MYOB helpdesk analyst Chanya Ussaneerungrueng to hear her thoughts. Chanya graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2019 with a Master of Business Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science.

Chanya found the switch to working from home came very suddenly as the government responded to the threat of COVID-19, but MYOB made it simple for her to get set up from home. She’d only just begun her new job in Christchurch in April, a time in which  lockdown restrictions were enforced.

“I was originally asked to report to someone at the office on my first day, but after the announcement we had to re-organise,” said Chanya. “The team promptly delivered some equipment at my place and most of the setup was done remotely.”

Due to the combined ability of getting necessary work tech to the homes of employees, as well as MYOB’s ability to manage most IT concerns remotely, Chanya found getting set up relatively painless.

“MYOB was great in communicating with me and onboarding  me despite the sudden conditions. My team have been very understanding and were realistic about the situation and pace of training someone remotely.”

Wise words: Tips for new starters in unforeseen circumstances

Following this recent experience,  MYOB believes its  new hires have a unique perspective to share with others who find themselves in similar circumstances.

While lockdown restrictions have eased, many businesses are continuing to transition to place a heavy focus on working from home.

For Chanya, a work-from-home routine also means examining the negative space in and around the work day – that means structuring your breaks for optimal mental wellbeing.

“I find this experience is similar to when I was studying. It’s important to make sure you take breaks, both physically and mentally.

“It’s easy to always be thinking about working, study or job hunting, especially in situations like this where you feel as though you’re stuck at home and there is nothing else to do. Try to stick to a schedule and put time aside for other activities – especially now we have a bit more freedom to enjoy a new normal.”

For those graduates or employees new to the workforce who are currently seeking opportunities, Chanya had some more advice: widen your network!

“I know that it is disheartening to hear about the impacts that many businesses are currently facing – especially if you are a recent graduate, but you never know where the next opportunity can come from. Try and reach out and widen your network and make the best of what you have!”