Voicemail-to-text startup Vxt awarded NZBI grant

15 April 2019

UCE Students Luke Campbell and Lucy Turner (both BSc) are on a mission to make voicemails more efficient with their business, Vxt - a voicemail inbox app that converts users’ voicemails to text and gives users smart tools to deal with a large amount of voicemail.

  • Lucy Turner and Luke Campbell pitch

    Lucy Turner and Luke Campbell pitch their business, Vxt, to a judging panel during the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme

Lucy Turner and Luke Campbell

Lucy Turner and Luke Campbell, the team behind Vxt.

Luke and Lucy have just received a $4,000 New Zealand Business Intelligence (NZBI) grant towards the further development of Vxt. These grants were open to any New Zealand entrepreneur under the age of 30, so to win one of only two grants available was a very impressive achievement.

This award comes after months of hard work by Luke and Lucy on their startup. Over the university summer break, they participated in the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme, in which Vxt was selected to present in the final showcase. Since then, Vxt have added another developer to their team, and reached the top seven in the Dream Believe Succeed Big Break competition. Vxt is currently working on getting their application ready for testing and are planning to launch later this year.

Nick Burns, a member of NZBI, congratulated Luke and Lucy on their excellent pitch. The judges’ questions were difficult, but Luke responded well, and managed to prove to the panel that Vxt will stand out from competitors, including one who has just released a similar voicemail to text product.

Despite the hard questions, Luke said “pitching to the team behind NZBI was a wicked experience. All of the members are experts in their respective fields, so we got a really diverse range of questions and feedback throughout the process”.

Luke also said that being involved in the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme had provided invaluable pitch practice, which contributed to Vxt’s success -  “we probably pitched to the UCE team more than 100 times over the summer, and each time we were able to polish our presentation more and more”. UC Centre for Entrepreneurship will continue to provide support and mentorship to Vxt through the Hatchery programme - UCE’s incubator for student ventures.

You can read more about Vxt here.

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