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24 June 2013

New Zealanders are buying less from physical stores as online retailing continues to rise, a University of Canterbury expert says.

Airlines discriminate against pregnant women

18 June 2013

Airlines are discriminating against pregnant women, a University of Canterbury gender researcher says.

Role of insurance in recovery assessed

05 June 2013

The commercial insurance sector responded as well as could be expected given the scale and complexity of the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury events.

ChCh rebuild offering more than Australian dream

27 May 2013

New Zealanders are realising the Australian dream is not so perfect after all with work harder to find and less lucrative, a UC management researcher says.

New retail clusters offer Cantabrians more

26 April 2013

More clusters of cafes, shops, bars and restaurants are popping up in Christchurch as the rebuild gathers momentum, a University of Canterbury senior marketing lecturer says.

Unemployment rate has impact on private insurance

16 April 2013

Increases in the unemployment rate reduce the number of people with private health insurance coverage with reductions more pertinent for men and for the elderly.

Study looks into local authority empire building

12 April 2013

NZ local authority chief executives are paid for empire building and, more worryingly, this is symptomatic of a wider problem in the public sector, a UC economist says.

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12 April 2013

A UC accounting and information systems researcher will graduate next week after completing a Master of Laws thesis on a man who reputedly has the largest tax bill in NZ.

Hospital asthma admissions linked to power prices

09 April 2013

Hospital asthma admissions are strongly connected to electricity prices, a University of Canterbury economics researcher has found.

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08 April 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher is investigating how people respond to self-serving generosity in areas such as the hospitality industry.

NZ brain-drainers returning home more quickly

03 April 2013

NZ's brain-drainers have always returned home but a UC researcher believes they may be returning more quickly.

More bars, cafes, restaurants now open in ChCh

04 March 2013

More than 150 cafes, restaurants and bars have opened in Christchurch since Christmas, says University of Canterbury senior marketing lecturer Dr Sussie Morrish.

Treatment of pregnant women appalling

15 February 2013

The treatment of pregnant New Zealand women and new parents in the workplace is appalling, says University of Canterbury Associate Professor Annick Masselot.

Creating the right mood for Christmas shopping

18 December 2012

New Zealand retailers set a mood and atmosphere in their shops each year to make it attractive and alluring to Christmas shoppers, a University of Canterbury expert says.

Parents feeling pressure to buy the best presents

12 December 2012

This time of year parents are feeling the pressure to make Christmas perfect for their children - and marketers know how to make parents feel guilty about not doing it right.

Student overcomes the odds to earn honours degree

11 December 2012

A University of Canterbury student who never went to school until she was 16 has defied the odds to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree with first class honours.

Danger lurking in wait for the holiday season

23 November 2012

There's a danger lurking in wait for us this holiday season, says University of Canterbury senior economics lecturer Dr Eric Crampton (Economics and Finance).

UC academic wins outstanding paper award in Dublin

08 November 2012

A UC researcher has received an international award in Ireland for a paper on her research on business start-ups in the New Zealand designer fashion industry.

Diets abandoned during holiday season

07 November 2012

Diets fly out of the window and drinking increases this time of year for a reason, because people just don't care, says UC consumer researcher Dr Ekant Veer.

City shows resilience with night life

29 October 2012

Christchurch has shown its resilience with no shortage of restaurants, cafes and bars to go to following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

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09 October 2012

A University of Canterbury researcher is slamming consumer goods companies for green-washing supermarket shelf items with a flood of eco-labels.

UC student wins award in Australasian competition

05 October 2012

UC student Pip Widdon has won the creativity and innovation award in the $100,000 CPA Big Break Dragon's Den style tertiary business competition final in Melbourne.

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24 September 2012

A UC lecturer is concerned about the booming medical tourism industry because of the future of medical services and health security.

UC research could help save lives in disaster

27 August 2012

A UC project could save lives in times of disaster and should increase the resilience and disaster-handling capabilities of lifeline organisations in time of tragedy.

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24 August 2012

The University of Canterbury has received more than $8 million in funding for trailblazing energy and infrastructure research.

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