Ben and Penny Gough

28 July 2021

A new scholarship providing financial support and leadership coaching is being offered to outstanding University of Canterbury business students, thanks to the generosity of a high-profile Christchurch family.

Campus Drone Shot

26 July 2021

Te Kura Umanga | University of Canterbury Business School is proud to partner with Taylor’s University, Malaysia to launch the new Bachelor in Accounting (Fintech) (Honours) degree.

Professor Pavel Castka

13 July 2021

A research team led by University of Canterbury Professor Pavel Castka is developing a system to make audits easier for New Zealand businesses.

Start Me Up

09 July 2021

University of Canterbury Business School’s incubator ThincLab played a vital role in the recent successful graduation of 25 entrepreneurs.

Covid 19 young people vaccinated

05 July 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, UC's Associate Professor Bernard Walker says the government may have to intervene if the Canterbury vaccination programme continues to fall behind.

Ben Scales and William Murrell

30 June 2021

Sustainable materials made from cabbage tree leaves and flax could soon be used to build high-performance skis and skateboards in Christchurch.

Professor Girish Prayag

30 June 2021

In an uncertain world, finding out what makes a business resilient will help owners and managers build a sustainable future.

New tool helps computer workers upgrade their people skills

25 June 2021

An innovative training tool being developed at the University of Canterbury will help software developers brush up on their communication, teamwork and social skills.

Jamie Collins

17 June 2021

Business owners around the world are keen to learn from the way New Zealand has handled the Covid-19 crisis, a University of Canterbury (UC) academic says.

Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane

09 June 2021

Congratulations to all the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021 recipients, including several University of Canterbury academics, staff, graduates and friends of the university.

CMC Financial trading challenge

08 June 2021

The CMC Markets University of Canterbury Trading Challenge has concluded with first-year Commerce student, Luc MacKay, winning the top prize with an impressive 429.86% return on investment (ROI).

Mona Yaghoubi and Jedrzej Bialkowski

08 June 2021

Investors in Muslim countries gain higher returns from the share market during Ramadan in a quirk that could be linked to a lift in mood during the religious festival, University of Canterbury (UC) researchers have found.

Stephen Hickson

04 June 2021

Stephen Hickson is the Director of the Business Taught Masters programme and teaches Economics at the University of Canterbury.

Sophie Horsfall and Tracey Hatton

26 May 2021

New research has revealed that many New Zealand businesses are left in the dark around how to make their workplaces earthquake safe.

Stephen Hickson

17 May 2021

University of Canterbury Economist Stephen Hickson delves into the Budget and government spending decisions. It's budget time and the usual scramble for a share of the pie is going on. In these somewhat unusual times, it is still important to make sure that the Government spends the money it takes in taxes as well as it can.

Karben fibre

12 May 2021

A range of radical solutions are now a step closer to boosting the agricultural sector thanks to the Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode Challenge. Prize winners were named at the Showcase on 11 May.

Generic news image
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12 May 2021

The commercialisation of elite sport – including the sale, relocation and branding of professional sport clubs – is nothing new. The commercialisation of professional sport has driven huge changes in sports teams from being responsible to the public and local community and seen as a public good, to being responsible to the owners and shareholders of the commercial entities. This fundamental change sparks debate and controversy.

Happy Cow Milk

04 May 2021

Imagine a world where a farmer can tell the difference between every sheep by just looking at them. Thanks to new sheep facial recognition technology employing AI this could soon be a reality. Genesmith is just one of the big ideas named today as a finalist in the Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode Challenge.

Glenn Renwick

30 April 2021

In times of uncertainty, seeking insight from people with experience leading businesses through change is critical.

Frank Tay and Alfred Guender

30 April 2021

A Conversation with Frank Tay by Alfred Guender.

Energy Academy UC Business School

30 April 2021

The University of Canterbury Business School has signed an agreement with Energy Academy to develop a new model for the delivery of academic content.

Accounting - woman's hand and calculator

29 April 2021

With many questioning the future of work, it is encouraging to see jobs in both professional services and the public sector in high demand.

Huong Dang, Jedrzej Bialkowski, Xiaopeng Wei

20 April 2021

Three University of Canterbury (UC) financial economists have shed light on a puzzling relationship between economic policy uncertainty and the Volatility Index (VIX) - fear gauge of the stock market, and how the quality of political signals impacts on this relationship in a new research paper.

Suntia Gautam PhD graduate

14 April 2021

Community Board Member Sunita Gautam will be donning a cap and gown this week as she graduates with a PhD from the University of Canterbury (UC).

Marketing Smackdown

22 March 2021

Nine teams competed in a two-day Challenge to develop a winning marketing strategy and a 20th-anniversary event plan for Cedra Express - New Zealand's leading medical courier.

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