Bachelor of Commerce minors

BCom students have the option of completing a minor in a subject from the BCom degree schedule or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree schedule. This allows you to complement your major subject with study in a different discipline (called a minor). A BCom minor can increase breadth of knowledge at an undergraduate level, along with employability.

Check our table to make sure you're taking the right courses at the right stage. 

  • Any course at 300-level may contribute to only one major or minor.
  • Any course at 200-level credited to a minor cannot also be credited to a major or another minor.
  • Where the same course is required for more than one major or minor, a substitute course (approved by the Dean of Commerce) will be required.
SubjectRequired courses for minor


Minor Guide Accounting (PDF 51KB)

Business Analytics*

Minor Guide Business Analytics (172KB)

Business and Sustainability

Minor Guide Business and Sustainability (PDF 49KB)


Minor Guide Economics (PDF 46KB)


Minor Guide Entrepreneurship (PDF 40KB)


Minor Guide Finance (PDF 47KB)


Human Resource Management

Minor Guide HRM (PDF 40KB)

Information Systems

Minor Guide Information Systems (PDF 52KB)


Minor Guide Innovation (PDF 40 KB)

International Business

Minor Guide International Business (PDF 40KB)


Minor Guide Marketing (PDF 40KB)

Operations and Supply Chain

Minor Guide OSCM (PDF 41KB)


Minor Guide Taxation (PDF 39KB)

Tourism Marketing & Management 

Minor Guide Tourism Marketing & Management (61 KB)


*Subject to CUAP approval