Degree structure for Chartered Accountants and Taxation and Accounting major

Year 1Year 2Year 3
    Required courses
    Professional Bodies (CA ANZ) academic requirements
    Courses from Commerce or other degrees


1. ACCT 152 is a 15-point courses and LAWS 101 is a 30-point course.

2. Students who commenced their BCom degree prior to 2014, are required to include FINC 203 to meet CA ANZ's requirements.

3. BSNS 299 - Employability Portfolio has 180 point prerequisite. Recommended to be completed in the final year of study.

4. Students who commenced their BCom degree before 2019 are not required to complete BSNS 201 - Business and Culture paper and BSNS 299 - Employability Portfolio.

BCom Taxation and Accounting Plan (30KB)