Conjoint degrees

Conjoint features

  • conjoint degrees are accelerated programmes for high-achieving students
  • combine two degrees in as little as 4 years.
  • require 60 points less than a double degree
  • require a minimum sustained grade point average (equivalent to a B-)
  • require a higher workload - 135 points per year.
  • you must graduate in both degrees that are part of the conjoint at the same time. 

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Conjoint options

Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce (BProdDesign/BCom) or 

Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BCom/BSc)

By combining a Bachelor of Commerce  with a Bachelor of Product Design or a Bachelor of Science you will develop your business skills along with skills in the aesthetic and technical design of products in your fields of interest or  your specialised scientific knowledge.

A few examples of major combinations you could consider to complete a conjoint degree.

  • BProdDesign (Applied Immersive Game Design) with BCom (Marketing)
  • BProdDesign (Industrial Product Design) with BCom (Marketing)
  • BProdDesign (Chemical, Natural & Healthcare Product Formulation) with BCom (Marketing)
  • BCom(Marketing) with BSc(Psychology)
  • BCom(Human Resource Management) with BSc(Psychology)

Careful course planning is necessary when you are planning on studying double or conjoint degrees to avoid overload and to ensure all the requirements for each degree are met.

Contact a Student Advisor in each relevant Faculty.