Seminar Series

The EQC's Natural Disaster Fund: Myth or Reality?


Sue Newberry


University of Sydney

Time & Place

Thu, 10 Sep 2015 16:00:00 NZST in Laws 526 Lecture Theatre, Business and Law Building, University of Canterbury


The Department of Accounting and Information Systems is pleased to present Sue Newberry, Professor of Accounting at the University of Sydney Business School, as guest speaker for our Pallot Lecture 2015. Professor Newberry’s research focuses on financial accounting and
standard-setting, especially public sector accounting. She will discuss earlier reforms of the Earthquake Commission, and identify some lessons for today.


Sue Newberry is Professor of Accounting at the University of Sydney, and a former staff member at the University of Canterbury. She worked with, and studied under June Pallot. Sue’s research is focused on public sector financial management reforms seeking to understand the policy and democratic consequences. Accounting provides a way to scrutinise these technical financial developments. She also conducts related research into the politics of international accounting standard setting. Professor Newberry serves on the editorial boards of several academic journals, including Financial Accountability & Management; Abacus; and Critical Perspectives on Accounting.