Venkataraman Nilakant

Associate ProfessorVenkataraman Nilakant

Internal Phone: 94038


Research Interests

Research interests include human resource management, management development and training and management of change.

Recent Publications

  • Walker B., de Vries HP. and Nilakant V. (2017) Managing legitimacy: The Christchurch post-disaster reconstruction. International Journal of Project Management 35(5): 853-863.
  • Malik A. and Nilakant V. (2016) Knowledge integration mechanisms in high-technology business-to-business services vendors. Knowledge Management Research & Practice 14(4): 565-574.
  • Nilakant V., Walker B., van Heugten K., Baird R. and de Vries H. (2014) Conceptualising Adaptive Resilience using Grounded Theory. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 39(1): 79-86.
  • Nilakant V., Walker B., Rochford K. and van Heugten K. (2013) Leading in a Post-disaster Setting: A Guide for Human Resource Practitioners. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 38(1): 1-13.
  • Malik A. and Nilakant V. (2010) Extending the "size matters" debate: Drivers of training in three business process outsourcing SMEs in India. Management Research Review 34(1): 111-132.