Ursula Cheer

ProfessorProfessor Ursula Cheer

Meremere 303B
Internal Phone: 93799

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests lie in a combination of Torts, such as Defamation, Civil Liberties, in particular, Censorship, Bill of Rights and the broad range of topics making up Media Law, such as Privacy, and regulatory systems such as the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Press Council.

Recent Publications

  • Taylor L. and Cheer U. (2019) The Making of Lawyers: A Longitudinal Study. James Cook Hotel Wellington: Ako Aotearoa Projects in Progress Colloquium, 7-7 Nov 2018.
  • Baird N., Caldwell J., Cheer U. and Taylor L. (2018) Employer Perceptions of the Work Readiness of New Zealand Law Graduates: What More Can Law Schools Do? New Zealand Universities Law Review 28: 54-84.
  • Cheer UJ. (2018) Abusive and Offensive Communications: the criminal law of New Zealand. In Abusive and Offensive Communications: the criminal law of New Zealand, Law Commission (United Kingdom). Commissioned by Law Commission (United Kingdom).
  • Taylor L., Cheer U., Brogt E., Baird N., Caldwell J., Esterling S. and Wilson D. (2018) The making of lawyers: Expectations and experiences of fourth year New Zealand law students.Commissioned by Ako Aotearoa. 127.
  • Taylor L., Sotardi V., Brogt E., Cheer U., Baird N. and Caldwell J. (2018) The Student Experience at New Zealand Law Schools. New Zealand Law Review [2018](4): 693-722.