Sanna Malinen

Associate ProfessorSanna Malinen

Meremere 337
Internal Phone: 93787

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I research in the fields of organisational behaviour/psychology and human resource management. Some of my current research projects focus on attitude measurement, volunteer worker management, wellbeing in the workplace, and employee resilience and engagement.

Recent Publications

  • Hamilton Skurak H., Malinen S., Kuntz J. and Naswall K. (2019) The Relevance of Self-Determination for Corporate Volunteering Intentions. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Hamilton Skurak H., Malinen SK., Naswall K. and Kuntz J. (2018) Employee wellbeing: The role of psychological detachment on the relationship between engagement and work-life conflict. Economic and Industrial Democracy
  • Lyver POB., Ruru J., Scott N., Tylianakis JM., Arnold J., Malinen SK., Bataille CY., Herse MR., Jones CJ. and Gormley AM. (2018) Building biocultural approaches into Aotearoa–New Zealand’s conservation future. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Malinen S., Hatton T., Naswall I. and Kuntz JRCP. (2018) Strategies to enhance employee wellbeing and organisational performance in a post-crisis environment: A case study. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management
  • Malinen SK. and Mankkinen T. (2018) Finnish firefighters’ barriers to volunteering. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 47(3): 604-622.