Sam Spector

LecturerDr Sam Spector

Internal Phone: 90861


Research Interests

My research focuses on the intersections between tourism, sustainability, and resilience. I am particularly interested in the rapidly emerging space travel industry.

Recent Publications

  • Prayag G., Spector S. and Finsterwalder J. (2020) Conceptualization and Measurement of Customer Experience in Tourism. In Dixit S (Ed.), Handbook of Tourism Experience Management and Marketing Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxford, UK: Routledge.
  • Prayag G., Spector S., Orchiston C. and Chowdhury M. (2020) Psychological resilience, organizational resilience and life satisfaction in tourism firms: insights from the Canterbury earthquakes. Current Issues in Tourism 23(10): 1216-1233.
  • Spector S. (2020) Delineating acceptable risk in the space tourism industry. Tourism Recreation Research
  • Spector S. (2020) Space travel and the limits to growth. Annals of Tourism Research 81
  • Spector S. (2020) The cosmic-local nexus: intersections between outer space and rural communities. Tourism Recreation Research 45(1): 94-106.