Richard Watt

Head of DepartmentRichard Watt

Meremere 426B
Internal Phone: 93736


Research Interests

Research interests include applied microeconomic theory and industrial organisation.

Recent Publications

  • Mumo R. and Watt R. (2019) Residential insurance market responses after earthquake: A survey of Christchurch dwellers. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 40
  • Mueller-Langer F. and Watt R. (2018) HOW MANY MORE CITES IS A $3,000 OPEN ACCESS FEE BUYING YOU? EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FROM A NATURAL EXPERIMENT. Economic Inquiry 56(2): 931-954.
  • Watt R. and Hogan S. (2018) Are athletes on the right track? The effect of availability of an all-weather athletics track on athletics performance. Sport in Society 21(3): 546-557.
  • Moreno I., Vázquez FJ. and Watt R. (2017) Rationality and honesty of consumers in insurance decisions. Journal of Economics and Business 89: 36-46.
  • Mumo R. and Watt R. (2017) An Investigation of Residential Insurance Demand-side Reactions After a Natural Catastrophe: The Case of the 2010–11 Christchurch Earthquakes. Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance 11(2) 20160026