Richard Fisher

Associate ProfessorRichard Fisher

Meremere 506
Internal Phone: 94022


Research Interests

Research interests include auditing, financial accounting, applications of information technology in accounting and behavioural research in accounting.

Recent Publications

  • Fisher R., van Staden C. and Richards G. (2019) Watch that Tone: An Exploratory Investigation of the Use and Stylistic Consequences of Tone in Corporate Accountability Disclosures. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal ahead-of-print(ahead-of-print)
  • Fisher RT., van Staden C. and Richards G. (2019) Tone and the Accounting Narrative. University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaii Accounting Research Conference, 3-5 Jan 2019.
  • Ma D., Fisher RT. and Nesbit T. (2017) Adoption and Strategic Impact of Cloud Technology: The Case of Small to Medium Accounting Practices. Nice, France: 8th International Research Meeting in Business and Management, 5-6 Jul 2017.
  • Waldron M. and Fisher RT. (2017) Values and ethical judgments: The adequacy of students as surrogates for professional accountants. Meditari Accountancy Research 25(1): 37-64.
  • Fisher RT. and Naylor ST. (2016) Corporate reporting on the Internet and the expectations gap: new face of an old problem. Accounting and Business Research 46(2): 196-220.