Philip Gunby

Senior LecturerPhilip Gunby

Meremere 427B
Internal Phone: 93823


Research Interests

Research interests include the economics of education, technological change, industrial organisation.

Recent Publications

  • Gunby P., Jin Y. and Robert Reed W. (2017) Did FDI Really Cause Chinese Economic Growth? A Meta-Analysis. World Development 90: 242-255.
  • Healy N. and Gunby P. (2012) The impact of recent government tertiary education policies on access to higher education in New Zealand. Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice 27(1): 29-45.
  • Fountain J. and Gunby P. (2011) Ambiguity, the certainty illusion, and the natural frequency approach to reasoning with inverse probabilities. New Zealand Economic Papers 45(1-2): 195-207.
  • Fountain J. and Gunby P. (2011) Improving clinician-patient communication of health risks when diagnostic test information is imprecise. The New Zealand Medical Journal 124(1342): 39-47.
  • Gunby P. (2011) How Bad is the State of Occupational Fatalities in New Zealand? New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 36(1): 35-51.