Pavel Castka

ProfessorPavel Castka

Internal Phone: 93761

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include quality management and corporate social responsibility, with focus on management frameworks and aspects of standardisation.

Recent Publications

  • Castka P., Searcy C. and Fischer S. (2020) Technology-enhanced auditing in voluntary sustainability standards: The impact of COVID-19. Sustainability (Switzerland) 12(11)
  • Castka P., Searcy C. and Mohr J. (2020) Technology-enhanced auditing: Improving veracity and timeliness in social and environmental audits of supply chains. Journal of Cleaner Production 258
  • Prajogo D., Castka P. and Searcy C. (2020) Paymasters and Assurance Providers: Exploring Firms’ Discretion in Selecting Non-financial Auditors. Journal of Business Ethics
  • Prajogo D., Nair A. and Castka P. (2020) The Effects of External Auditors and Certification Bodies on the Operational and Market-Oriented Outcomes of ISO 9001 Implementation. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • Bhattacharya A., Nand A. and Castka P. (2019) Lean-green integration and its impact on sustainability performance: A critical review. Journal of Cleaner Production 236