NadeerRanabahu(staff image)

LecturerNadeera Ranabahu

Meremere 342
Internal Phone: 90246


Research Interests

Nadeera's main research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and microfinance. She studies dynamic processes in entrepreneurial decision making, learning, and development. In particular, she studies ways which entrepreneurs gain skills, make decisions, transform their ideas into products/services, establish systems, policies and procedures, and create entrepreneurial communities. She also studies how innovative practices and processes lead to entrepreneurial development, microfinance-related entrepreneurial practices including accountability issues in microfinance institutions (MFIs), innovative practices used by MFIs, and how women entrepreneurs use microfinance services.

Nadeera's research is often centred on entrepreneurs who are often overlooked in the entrepreneurial or innovation process (e.g., micro and SME owners, informal entrepreneurs, agri-business owners, social entrepreneurs, women and refugee entrepreneurs).

Recent Publications

  • Ranabahu N., Almeida S. and Kyriazis E. (2020) University-led internships for innovative thinking: a theoretical framework. Education and Training 62(3): 235-254.
  • Ranabahu N. and Almeida S. (2019) Creating Learning Communities through Flipped Classes: A Challenge, an Answer, or an Opportunity for Teaching Strategic Human Resource Management? International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 13(3)
  • Ranabahu N. and Barrett M. (2019) Does practice make micro-entrepreneurs perfect? An investigation of expertise acquisition using effectuation and causation. Small Business Economics
  • Ranabahu N. and Moerman L. (2018) Caught Between Two Worlds: Clusters, microfinance officers and accountability mechanisms in a Sri Lankan MFI. Third Sector Review 24(2): 1-34.
  • Ranabahu N. (2017) “Rapid” but not “raid”: A reflection on the use of rapid ethnography in entrepreneurship research. Qualitative Research Journal 17(4): 254-264.