NadeerRanabahu(staff image)

LecturerNadeera Ranabahu

Meremere 342
Internal Phone: 90246


Research Interests

My main research focus is disadvantaged or under-represented groups in entrepreneurship and innovation. Examples of such groups include women, refugees, youth/students, migrants or ethnic minorities or the low-income people. I study how these groups sustain entrepreneurial/innovative actions from a macro or micro perspective. In addition, I study impact of innovative initiatives (e.g., microfinance, FinTech), targeted on such disadvantaged groups, to promote entrepreneurship. I also study responsible innovation and ways which disadvantaged/under-represented groups could be incorporated into innovation journey.

Recent Publications

  • Ranabahu N. (2020) ‘Wicked’ solutions for ‘wicked’ problems: Responsible innovations in social enterprises for sustainable development. Journal of Management and Organization
  • Ranabahu N., Almeida S. and Kyriazis E. (2020) University-led internships for innovative thinking: a theoretical framework. Education and Training 62(3): 235-254.
  • Ranabahu N. and Almeida S. (2019) Creating Learning Communities through Flipped Classes: A Challenge, an Answer, or an Opportunity for Teaching Strategic Human Resource Management? International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 13(3)
  • Ranabahu N. and Barrett M. (2019) Does practice make micro-entrepreneurs perfect? An investigation of expertise acquisition using effectuation and causation. Small Business Economics
  • Ranabahu N. and Moerman L. (2018) Caught Between Two Worlds: Clusters, microfinance officers and accountability mechanisms in a Sri Lankan MFI. Third Sector Review 24(2): 1-34.