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ProfessorMichael Hall

Meremere 221
Internal Phone: 95937

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include tourism and human mobility, regional development and social/green marketing with particular emphasis on issues of place branding and marketing as well as conservation and environmental change, event management and marketing; and the use of tourism as an economic development and conservation mechanism. Recent research interests include wine & food marketing and gastronomy.

Recent Publications

  • Hall CM., Le-Klähn DT. and Ram Y. (2017) Tourism, public transport and sustainable mobility. 1-231.
  • Hall CM., Prayag G. and Amore A. (2017) Tourism and resilience: Individual, organisational and destination perspectives. 1-189.
  • Cooper C. and Hall CM. (2016) Contemporary Tourism: An International Approach. (3rd ed.). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers. 400pp.
  • Adamiak C., Vepsäläinen M., Strandell A., Hiltunen MJ., Pitkänen K., Hall CM., Rinne J., Hannonen O., Paloniemi R. and Åkerlund U. (2015) Second home tourism in Finland: Perceptions of citizens and municipalities on state and development of second home tourism. Helsinki: Suomen ympäristökeskus (SYKE). 96pp.
  • Gössling S., Hall CM. and Scott D. (2015) Tourism and Water. Bristol: Channelview. 190pp.