Keith Dixon

Senior LecturerKeith Dixon

Meremere 505
Internal Phone: 93844

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am producing a reasonable quantity of quality‐assured research outputs, am receiving some peer recognition for my research, and am making a contribution to the research environment within my discipline and my university. Currently, I am working on:
• Lectures, lecturing and learning: a conceptual framework
• Bibliometrics of accounting research about New Zealand
• Exploring how to identify long-term consequences of accounting usages by commodity seekers, traders, missionaries, imperial powers, aid agencies and a local elite for an indigenous people and their diaspora.
• A genealogy of the emergence of curricular accounting in higher education (i.e. qualification frameworks, credit points, etc.), exploring path-dependency, negotiated order and representational schemes.
• A genealogy of government budgeting in the context of the separation of powers, and taxation going hand in hand with representation of the People.

Recent Publications

  • Amoako KO., Lord BR. and Dixon K. (2017) Insights from the websites of five plants operated by Newmont Mining Corporation. Meditari Accountancy Research 25(2): 186-215.
  • Dixon K. and Gaffikin M. (2014) Accounting practices as social technologies of colonialistic outreach from London, Washington, et Cetera. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 25(8): 683-708.
  • Daniel E., Myers A. and Dixon K. (2012) Adoption rationales of new management practices. Journal of Business Research 65(3): 371-380.
  • Dixon K. (2011) One Down, Nine to Go: A View from the Podium at a University Engaging in Disaster Recovery. Accounting Education: An International Journal 20(6): 585-588.
  • Dixon K. (2010) Research and exposure. Chartered Accountants Journal of New Zealand 89(11): 46-49.