John Caldwell

Associate Professor John Caldwell

Meremere 322
Internal Phone: 93811


Research Interests

Primary research interest is family law, with a secondary interest in the law of judicial review.

Recent Publications

  • Taylor L., Brogt E., Cheer U., Baird N., Caldwell J. and Wilson D. (2017) Ethnicity and engagement in first year New Zealand Law programmes. Higher Education Research and Development 36(5): 1047-1060.
  • Baird N. and Caldwell J. (2016) How 'work-ready' are today's law graduates? The views of 15 city employers. New Zealand Law Journal 2016(10) NZJL390: 390-393.
  • Caldwell J. (2016) Gender and the Legal Profession. New Zealand Law Journal 2016: 51-56.
  • Caldwell JL. (2016) Case comment: Scott v Williams. New Zealand Law Journal: 316-317.
  • Caldwell JL. (2016) Case-note: Clayton v Clayton. New Zealand Law Journal 2016: 190-192.