Glenn Boyle

Adjunct ProfessorGlenn Boyle

Meremere 428


Research Interests

Financial economics, including, but not limited to, asset pricing and valuation, financial incentives, banking, corporate finance and corporate governance.

Recent Publications

  • Boyle G. and Ward G. (2018) DO BETTER INFORMED INVESTORS ALWAYS DO BETTER? A BUYBACK PUZZLE. Economic Inquiry 56(4): 2137-2157.
  • Beaumont S., Ratiu R., Reeb D., Boyle G., Brown P., Szimayer A., da Silva Rosa R., Hillier D., McColgan P. and Tsekeris A. (2016) Comments on Shan and Walter: ‘Towards a Set of Design Principles for Executive Compensation Contracts’. Abacus 52(4): 685-771.
  • Boyle G. (2016) Setting CEO Pay without Controversy: Mission Impossible? Abacus 52(4): 694-699.
  • Boyle G. and Raddemaker S. (2016) Are bureaucrats really paid like bureaucrats? Corporate Ownership and Control 13(2): 478-486.
  • Boyle G., Stover R., Tiwana A. and Zhylyevskyy O. (2015) The impact of deposit insurance on depositor behavior during a crisis: A conjoint analysis approach. Journal of Financial Intermediation 24: 590-601.