Girish Prayag

ProfessorGirish Prayag

Associate Head of Department Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Meremere 338
Internal Phone: 94082


Research Interests

The overarching focus of my research is consumption experiences in the services industry with a particular focus on the airline, tourism and hospitality industries. My past and current research themes include: consumption emotions, place/brand attachment, anthropomorphism, service design, destination marketing and tourism/event impacts

Recent Publications

  • Chowdhury M., Prayag G., Patwardhan V. and Kumar N. (2020) The impact of social capital and knowledge sharing intention on restaurants’ new product development. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 32(10): 3271-3293.
  • Fang S., Prayag G., Ozanne L. and de Vries H. (2020) Psychological Capital, Coping Mechanisms and Organizational Resilience: Insights from the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, New Zealand. Tourism Management Perspectives 34(April)
  • Fieger P., Prayag G., Hall CM. and North C. (2020) The tourism value of international freedom campers to New Zealand. Tourism Recreation Research 45(2): 265-270.
  • Fieger P., Prayag G., Hall CM., Rice J. and Gössling S. (2020) When staying long enough is enough? Annals of Tourism Research
  • Hall MC., Prayag G., Fieger P. and Dyason D. (2020) Beyond panic buying: consumption displacement and COVID-19. Journal of Service Management