Elizabeth Toomey

ProfessorProfessor Elizabeth Toomey

Meremere 307
Internal Phone: 93957

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include all issues of real property and the Torrens system and Law and Sport, especially comparative analysis with other jurisdictions.

Recent Publications

  • Toomey E. (2019) Fraud, Criminal Conviction, Forfeiture by the Crown, Agency and Principal's Claim for Registered Interest ( Leading Article). Butterworths Conveyancing Bulletin 18(15): 205-208.
  • Toomey E. (2019) Reverberations in the Torrens system: A new Land Transfer Act in New Zealand. Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law 11(2): 87-107. http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/JPPEL-12-2018-0035.
  • Toomey E. (2018) Give and take fences and indefeasibility: Hikurangi Forest Farms Ltd v Negara Developments Ltd. Butterworths Conveyancing Bulletin 18(6): 71-73.
  • Toomey E. and Finn JF. (2017) Condominium Chaos in the Wake of a Disaster. New Zealand Law Review 2017(3): 365-398.
  • Collins T., Finn J., Holderness H., Hopkins W. and Toomey E. (2016) The Canterbury earthquakes 2010-11 - selected legal issues. Australian Environment Review 31(9) 3: 324-328.