Elizabeth Macpherson

Lecturer Elizabeth Macpherson

Meremere 312
Internal Phone: 95459


Research Interests

My research interests are in indigenous and environmental rights to natural resources in comparative contexts. I have a particular interest in indigenous rights to water in Australasia and Latin America.

Recent Publications

  • Macpherson EJ. (2016) Commercial Indigenous Water Rights in Australian Law: Lessons from Chile. PhD Thesis, Melbourne, Australia. University of Melbourne.
  • Macpherson EJ. and Clavijo Ospina F. (2018) Rivers as persons in Aotearoa New Zealand and Colombia. Journal of Water Law 25: 283-293.
  • Macpherson EJ. and O'Donnell E. (2018) ‘¿Necesitan derechos los ríos? Comparando estructuras legales para la regulación de los ríos en Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Chile. Revista de Derecho Administrativo Economico 25: 94-120.
  • Macpherson EJ. (2017) Beyond Recognition: Lessons from Chile for allocating indigenous water rights in Australia. University of New South Wales Law Journal 40(3): 1130-1169.
  • O'Neill L., Godden L., Macpherson EJ. and O'Donnell E. (2016) Australia, Wet or Dry, North or South: Addressing environmental impacts and the exclusion of Aboriginal peoples in northern water development. Environmental and Planning Law Journal 33(4): 402-417.