Colleen Mills

ProfessorColleen Mills

Meremere 224
Internal Phone: 95936

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests focus on the management of organisational processes that create uncertainty and change (e.g., transitioning to contemporary workplace designs, organisational restructuring, CEO succession, business startup, responding to natural disasters). Colleen and her co-researchers are particularly interested in how people communicate and make sense of their interaction at critical interfaces, both within and between organisations (e.g., between energy retailers and consumers, line managers and frontline workers). Recently completed studies have explored (1) the utility of mundane management tools when implementing a global strategic change, (2) the impact of narrativity on the success of strategic change, (3) communicating during a disaster - the Canterbury earthquakes, (4) business startup in the New Zealand designer fashion industry.

Recent Publications

  • Mills C. (2020) The transformative, mediational and synergist roles of digital media. Communication Research and Practice 6(2) 1.
  • Mills C. (2020) What’s the story? Using narrative for workplace inquiry. In Crossman J; Bordia S (Ed.), Edward Elgar Handbook of Qualitative Research Methodologies in Workplace ContextsEdward Elgar.
  • Mills C. and Arnaud N.. (2020) The Collaborative Action Narrative Sequence (CANS): Capturing the narrativity at the interorganizational interface. In Published online 1 May 2020.
  • Mills C. (2019) ‘Fit for purpose’: a showcase of research methods for communication studies research. Communication Research and Practice 5(4): 305-308.
  • Mills C. (2019) Grappling with the challenges of start-up in the designer fashion industry in a small economy: How social capital articulates with strategies in practice. In Higgins D; Jones P; McGowan P (Ed.), Creating Entrepreneurial Space: Talking through Multi-voices, Reflections on Emerging Debates: 129-155. Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited.