Bob Reed

ProfessorBob Reed

MAFE Coordinator
Meremere 426C
Internal Phone: 93726


Research Interests

Research interests include health economics, public economics, applied econometrics, development economics, and labour economics.

Recent Publications

  • Bandaranayake S., Das KK. and Reed RW. (2020) ANOTHER LOOK AT ‘BANK COMPETITION AND FINANCIAL STABILITY: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING’? Journal of Economic Surveys 34(2): 344-371.
  • Das KK., Bandarnayake S. and Reed WR. (2020) Are Competitive Banking Systems Really More Stable? Critical Finance Review 9(1-2): 267-303.
  • Duan J., Das KK., Meriluoto L. and Reed WR. (2020) Estimating the effect of spillovers on exports: a meta-analysis. Review of World Economics 156(2): 219-249.
  • Duan J., Qian X., Das KK., Meriluoto L. and Reed WR. (2020) A replication of “the role of intermediaries in facilitating trade” (Journal of International Economics, 2011). Economics 14: 1-30.
  • Havránek T., Stanley TD., Doucouliagos H., Bom P., Geyer-Klingeberg J., Iwasaki I., Reed WR., Rost K. and van Aert RCM. (2020) REPORTING GUIDELINES FOR META-ANALYSIS IN ECONOMICS. Journal of Economic Surveys 34(3): 469-475.