Beverley Lord

Associate ProfessorBeverley Lord

Meremere 507
Internal Phone: 93735


Research Interests

Research interests include new management accounting techniques; management accounting in charities, service organisations and small businesses; accounting history and accounting education.

Recent Publications

  • Amoako KO., Lord BR. and Dixon K. (2018) Stakeholders’ perceptions about the connection between sustainability and accounting practices: Insights from mining in Ghana. University of Edinburgh, UK: 12th Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference, 11-13 Jul 2018.
  • Gunatilake G., Lord BR. and Dixon K. (2018) Politics of Accounting Evidence in Privatising Sri Lanka Telecom. Brussels, Belgium: 11th Conference on New Directions in Management Accounting, 12-14 Dec 2018.
  • Amoako K., Lord BR. and Dixon K. (2017) Stakeholders' perceptions of sustainability and management accounting in the mining sector: Evidence from Gold Fields Ghana. Christchurch: 11th New Zealand Management Accounting Conference, 23-24 Nov 2017. In 11th New Zealand Management Accounting Conference - Abstracts and Programme: 6-6.
  • Amoako KO., Lord BR. and Dixon K. (2017) Insights from the websites of five plants operated by Newmont Mining Corporation. Meditari Accountancy Research 25(2): 186-215.
  • Barnes K. and Lord BR. (2017) Intergenerational Equity: Treatment of Infrastructure in New Zealand Local Government Financial Planning. Financial Accountability & Management 33(2): 127-145.