Bernard Walker

Associate ProfessorBernard Walker

Meremere 334
Internal Phone: 93817

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research centres on the role people in organisations. I am currently involved in projects to improve the performance and enhance the resilience of organisations, including their ability to cope with disasters and sudden crises, as part of the Resilient Organisations research group.

Within HRM and employment studies my specialist areas include workplace conflict and teamwork, dispute resolution, organisational justice and employment law, and representation

Recent Publications

  • Malinen S., Janhonen M., Heinio M., Walker B. and Venkataraman N. (2020) Kun maailma jarkkyy, resilientti organisaatio kestää! (When the world shakes, a resilient organisation endures!). Suomen sotilas 2: 89-93.
  • Walker B., de Vries HP. and Nilakant V. (2017) Managing legitimacy: The Christchurch post-disaster reconstruction. International Journal of Project Management 35(5): 853-863.
  • Walker B. and Hamilton RT. (2015) What influences the progression of employment rights disputes? Industrial Relations Journal 46(2): 117-133.
  • Nilakant V., Walker B., van Heugten K., Baird R. and de Vries H. (2014) Conceptualising Adaptive Resilience using Grounded Theory. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 39(1): 79-86.
  • Nilakant V., Walker B., Rochford K. and van Heugten K. (2013) Leading in a Post-disaster Setting: A Guide for Human Resource Practitioners. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 38(1): 1-13.