Anna Earl

LecturerAnna Earl

Meremere 226
Internal Phone: 90289

Research Interests

My key research interests include relationships between multinational enterprises and governments, as well as how MNEs from emerging economies deal with institutional complexity and manage change. My recent research projects include development of rural entrepreneurial ecosystems and ethics in research, academia and organizations. In particular, I am interested in ethical leadership and how it shaped global business environment. I am also interested in methodological issues in conducting qualitative research in emerging and developed economies.

Recent Publications

  • Earl A. (2020) Challanges and opportunities of conducting social science research in Russia. Ural Federal University: VI International scientific and practical conference, 27 Apr-28 Jun 2020.
  • Earl A., Michailova S. and Stringer C.. (2020) Multinational enterprises’ strategic responses to institutional complexity: Empirical evidence from Russia. In Proceedings at Australia–New Zealand Academy of International Business.
  • Polbitsyn S., Earl A., Bagirova A. and Kluev A.. (2020) Contemporary issues of rural family entrepreneurship: Case of Russian indigenous family businesses.. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability 8: 530-541.
  • Earl A. and Michailova S. (2019) The relationship between Russian governments and MNEs: Essence and effect on MNEs’ external legitimacy. Curtin Business School, Curtin University. Perth, Australia: Australia–New Zealand Academy of International Business, 11-13 Feb 2019.
  • Earl A. and Morrish SC.. (2019) Evolving entrepreneurial ecosystems of co-operatives. In Proceedings at Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy 2019: 1278-1281.